Evernote: Review of a Fundamental Note Taking App

Evernote Premium a Fundamental Android App Review

Evernote Android Tablet: Nexus 7 shows the files in snippets and overall navigation window.

Evernote Android Tablet: Nexus 7

Evernote’s authors created a powerful note taking, organize, and capture everything app. It captures and organizes words, sounds, images, and Web pages. It shares these files across many operating systems and devices.Versions Evernote run on phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  It supports working collaboratively with others.

Evernote: Three Versions

  • Free
  • Premium – reviewed
  • Business

This report covers the $45 a year premium edition.

On AndroidEveryday there are three additional reports featuring more programs designed to work with Evernote in addition to Clearly and Clipping apps discussed here. In addition I included an addendum comparing free and premium versions of the app.


Our House

Opening Files

Opening Files

We use four different operating systems in our home: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Evernote has versions for all of them. I appreciate the fact that my data is stored locally and in the cloud. Also all the devices update automatically..

Evernote Is Not

Evernote is not a mail merging, business card printing word processor. It will, however, process a note, incorporate a picture, organize with notebooks and tags and print it or e-mail it. You would not type your thesis on it but would use it to gather your research notes together and organize them. It has many features that support this mission.

Even without your phone or tablet Evernote  available wherever there is an Internet browser and connection. 

Companion Apps: Clippers and Skitch

Working Evernote with SwiftKey 4

Working Evernote with SwiftKey 4

I use Evernote extensions in my web browsers to clip whole or parts of pages. I can keep the captured images or web pages organized by sending them to the appropriate notebook and adding descriptive tags. When time permits I can add commentary to the saved items. Many clipping apps can be found on Google Play.

Your clips, photos, screenshots can be annotated with Skitch. You can inserting arrows and text. to the pages.

On my Nexus 7 to clip into Evernote I highlight the part of the Web page I want. Touch the  menu button. Go to share. Then touch the Evernote button moving the clip into an EN file.

Working on AndroidEveryday I’d save the screenshots to Evernote. Text and illustrations are easily found for publication. They are all in the same notebook or file

Search and Find

Finding things is another strength.  EN speedily finds the file or passage wanted. If there is a frequently used search it can saved and rerun at a finger touch.  You can search all files, one notebook, by tags, by word or phrase, updated, URL, and many more.

EN enables an email address on their site that will send the e-mail to your notebooks.  The e-mail abilities allow the sending of a note directly from the program without any cut and paste shenagains.

Caution or Be Aware

Occasionally, I want to store a password or other sensitive information.  EN has two encryption features. Data is encrypted when sent to the cloud. Premium users can further encrypt small chunks of information. This encryption feature runs under an additional password. However, there may be some problems. I have read that under some circumstances the encrypted material is still searchable. Further, the recent February and March 2013 hacking attacks on EN are vulnerability warnings. Evernote stated data was not compromised. Here is another EN link concerning encryption.  Logically Evernote claims and should be moving to run an even more secure platform.  Obviously, we need to use strong passwords or password phrases not our pet’s name.

Diversity in Formatting

Another feature of the desktop versions found under Format  is the simplify formatting choice. This is important to Android users because all formatting functions are not supported by all versions of EN. When you see, “This note contains some unsupported formatting,” you will know when to use the simplify feature. I believe the difficulties arise from Web clips.  Evernote, however, does provide a work around at the tap of a finger.

Basic formatting choices on the Android app includes the following: bold, italic, underline, check boxes, bulleted and numbered lists. An indent or tab function works with the lists to create indented outlines. I’d like to see strike-through in addition.  (Strike-through is available on the desktop as well as tables and centering options.)

One last item I’d like is a better spell checking program.  For example, it chokes on wth not understanding with was the intended word. Not a huge problem but annoying, I’d like EN to fix it.

Two More Features

EN will make a recording and I was able to type notes at the same time. Not useful to me but in a lecture setting a useful function.  I have found the companion program Skitch useful in mark up my images.


I use Evernote daily.  It has reliably stored my work. The many features have enhanced my final product.  Note taking, capturing information, storing images, and organizing them is its strength. Having used it for several years I have watched it grow into its current configuration. I believe based on its history EN will continue on the path of refinement and enhancement.

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